Monday, April 25, 2011

First Light on Collins Lake

I recently was able to purchase a number of lenses that I wouldn't have been able to purchase under normal circumstances. I bought them with a number of other lenses and camera bodies and made enough selling the items that I didn't want to be able to keep those that I did. Amongst the lenses I kept, was the Nikon 20mm F/2.8D AF that was used here. From my preliminary tests it definitely seems sharper than my Sigma 10-20 @ 20mm and my 18-105mm @20mm.

This one was taken right around 6am at Collins Lake in Scotia.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Happy

Not Happy by UpstateNYPhototaker
Not Happy, a photo by UpstateNYPhototaker on Flickr.

Was fortunate enough to obtain a really cool Sigma 105mm F/2.8 Macro lens. This is my first attempt at a macro type shot. I am liking this lens so far!