Sunday, March 25, 2012

Again With the Boathouse

I have photographed this boat house many times. To me it is one of the most interesting structures on Galway Lake. More so, than the new and expensive Adirondack style "camps" that are going up.

Depending on the light at the particular moment the yellow on this boat house can take on many different shades. From a pale yellow when not immersed in golden sunset light, to this rich, almost golden color.

I shot it this time to include the red shed next door. I am going to continue to try and get this boat house shot to include a ripple free reflection but as of yet I have been unable to do so.

Shot with the D90 and 80-400mm.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Galway Lake Bald Eagle

My first attempt at getting a halfway decent shot of a Bald Eagle on Galway Lake. I went up there yesterday and observed at least 4 juvenile Bald Eagles feeding on what was left of the ice (they were on the ice feeding, not eating the ice haha). I went back tonight after work and immediately saw another juvenile on the ice and an adult flying overhead. The ice had diminished enough that I was able to get out in the boat. I hugged the shoreline and saw this beauty in a tree off in the distance. I managed to get quite close to him and he stood still like a sentry for quite some time. I made eye contact with the bird for a few seconds and eventually he took off.

By the time I came off the water, the ice was all but gone on the lake. The bird activity was immense and I noted numerous common mergansers, bufflehead, ring necked ducks, geese, mallards, gulls etc.

It's a thrill to see this population of eagles flourish on this small private lake. I have been seeing more and more eagles up there in the last ten years but nothing like I have seen so far this season.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Living and the Dead

I am trying to work on adding depth to my photos while creating a stronger sense of subject. Although this photo was taken in a cemetery, the subject here is really the black locust trees. Unfortunately at this angle, which is the angle I wanted to shoot the locusts at, the gravestones were not facing me.

I shot this with the Nikkor 20mm F/2.8D. Taken in the West Charlton Cemetery.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I Need a Little Space

Male and female wood duck in a small farm pond in Charlton, NY. Shot with the rapidly aging (In technology years) D90 & even older 80-400mm VR.

I have wanted to get a halfway decent shot of a wood duck for some time now as I have always enjoyed their appearance more so than most ducks. This is a heavy crop, as even with the crop factor of 600mm it still isn't quite enough for most bird photography (and I am not that stealthy). I was happy to be able to get both the male and female in this photo.

EDIT: After closer inspection and a correction from a reader, I believe that these are hooded mergansers. Looks like I'll be continuing my efforts to get a shot of those wood ducks.