Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon Rising Over the Green Mountains

Haven't been shooting much lately but wanted to get out and get a shot at the Harvest Moon. Last night's weather was a bust and tonight wasn't much better. I couldn't even see the moon until it got in between the lower band of clouds and the higher band of clouds. It was never fully exposed so I had about 5 minutes to get what you see here before it was lost again in the higher clouds.

The harvest moon got its name from the fact that the extra light that bright moon gave off was a help to the farmers who wanted to squeeze that extra time in out in the fields during the harvest. With modern equipment and headlights on tractors I don't know how much the harvest moon plays a role anymore in the agricultural field. It is still a welcome sign as it ushers in the fall season.

Taken with the D90 and 80-200, tripod mounted.

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