Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowshoeing Galway Lake

Got out the snowshoes today and decided to take a walk in the (almost) knee deep snow on Galway Lake. The weather was very nice despite the quickly dropping mercury. It was around 19 when I started walking and about 10 when I got done and I was only out there for about 2 hours.

Galway Lake is currently in a state of "draw down." This fall the lake was lowered (Galway Lake is a man made lake and the water level can be controlled) drastically in an effort to stop the growth of weeds. You can see the exposed tree stumps which are usually under water.

A word or warning: As I was walking back towards my car I walked over what must have been a spring. I dropped without warning into waist deep water. I didn't really hear the sound of breaking ice, I just dropped like a rock. It was definitely a scary moment but all ended well and I was able to get to my car quickly where I had a change of clothes. I had thought that I was walking on what had become shoreline after the draw down but perhaps I was wrong...

Taken with the D90 and 18-105VR

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  1. Some nice shoots, Stephen, but mosly I'm glad to hear you were alright -- that's serious business, falling through ice!