Monday, February 7, 2011

Photography Podcasts

I recently started listening to podcasts. I know that they are nothing new but I was never a big iPod user (despite owning one) and I never took the time until recently to get into podcasts.

I highly recommend the Android app Beyond Pod for finding and listening to podcasts. I use the free version but there is also a premium version. While I have put some other categories of podcasts into my "queue", photography podcasts are the main ones that I listen to.

My recommended listens are as follows and not really in any particular order:

Photofocus - The host of this show is Scott Bourne and is a Q&A show that is a must listen for beginners. Scott normally has a guest host as well and past guests have included Tamara Lackey and Scott Kelby to name just a couple.

The Digital Photo Experience - Hosted by two excellent photographers, Juan Pons & Rick Sammon. They do   some Q&A and also some interviews and it is another highly recommended podcast.

The Pro Photo Show - Hosted by Gavin Seim, this is another nice podcast that is usually quite lengthy but only airs about once a month. Gavin is usually joined by a panel of guests and topics vary greatly but are always interesting and photography related.

This Week in Photo - Known as TWIP this is another quality podcast, that similar to Gavin's podcast, deals with a wide range of photography topics. It is also usually a round table type photography show.

There are a few others that I would like to mention that I don't listen to as religiously but have found to be good listens: Camera Campus, Camera Dojo, and The Digital Story just to name a few.

Anyone even remotely interested in photography should check these out. I would also encourage everyone to search out photography podcasts and share a link if they find a good one that I have not mentioned. If you don't have an iPod or smart phone many if not all of these podcasts are able to be heard on their respective websites. Enjoy!

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