Saturday, June 16, 2012

From the Porch of the Neilson House

I took a ride to Saratoga National Historical Park the other night hoping to make some sunset photos using the Neilson House as a subject and possibly feature some of the cannons as well.

I hadn't been to the park in years so I did a bit of research on the building and realized that there was no shortage of photos of the Neilson House but they were all mostly of similar views and most prominently featured the cannons.

I took a walk around the house and tried to find a composition that was different from what I saw and still included at least a bit of the cannons.

This is definitely a spot that I will revisit again and I would like to return perhaps for a sunrise and in the autumn.


  1. Really nice. I haven't been to the park in years. I always think about in early October, when the battle actually occurred.

    Maybe we should go together. A Nikon v. Canon showdown. :)

  2. Dave I definitely plan on going back in the fall at some point. Hit me up at that point for sure.