Saturday, September 1, 2012

Green Heron

Green Heron by UpstateNYPhototaker
Green Heron, a photo by UpstateNYPhototaker on Flickr.
I did more wrong here than I did right but I am fairly pleased with the result. I stopped at the Mill Pond Park in Charlton, NY this morning to see what I could photograph.

The Mill Pond is more or less a glorified swamp that is covered in neon green algae. It is usually chock full of frogs and is usually good for a Great Blue Heron sighting or perhaps a wood duck or two. I was lucky enough today to observe a pair of Green Herons hunting (successfully) for frogs. Unfortunately the successful frog hunting took place a little out of the reach of my 80-400 VR (I did get some sub-par shots).

Last night I was playing around with some of the settings on my camera and making some test shots and I left the camera on ISO 1600. That was the main mistake that I made here (not checking my settings) although without the higher shutter speed, this might have been blurrier. I was able to minimize the noise in post but there was nothing that I could do about taking a shot that was partially obstructed by leaves.

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