Friday, April 2, 2010

Fat, Dumb & I Don't Want to Find Out

If anyone had told you a month ago April 1st would be like it was yesterday you certainly would have suspected "April Fool's". It was 70 in most places and I took the opportunity to boat on Galway Lake once again (you will notice that is going to be a recurring theme).

There is a cove on the eastern shore of the lake that a friend aptly named "Turtle Cove." It has an abundance of stumps and on sunny days there is never a shortage of turtles sunning themselves on these stumps. This fat snapping turtle was no exception. I used my old Nikkor 300mm F/4.5 and my 80-200 to snap photos of this guy. Although he looked like he hadn't moved in a week, I wasn't getting any closer to see how agile he was.

There was an abundance of birds on the lake, a few muskrats and various other creatures. I believe I saw an immature Bald Eagle but he was too far to get a good photo so the verdict is still out.

Hopefully I will get some more shots of yesterdays shoot posted on my zenfolio site.

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