Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sensor Cleaning & Photo Images in Glenville, NY

Anyone who has shot with a DSLR and has done some small aperture work (i.e. f/22) has probably seen some small black specks in their photos. This is what sensor dust shows up as in your photos. Most of the time this dust is so small you can't see it with your naked eye but chances are if you have been shooting for a while and have changed lenses, it's there! Normally, locking the mirror up and using something like a Giotto Rocket Blower, will do the trick.

Recently, I took a landscape photo at f/22 and noticed that my photo was riddled with sensor dust. I locked the mirror up and tried the rocket blower several times and the dust wouldn't budge.

What I learned was I had some "welded dust" on my sensor. In this hot and humid weather (and horrible) the dust has a higher likelihood of sticking or welding itself to the sensor in your camera. When attempting to blow the dust off your sensor no longer works it's time for step 2. This is where Glenville's Photo Images comes in.

I walked into the store this morning and after a very brief wait, my camera was looked at. The associate (Steve) was excellent and swept my sensor until it was clean (about 5 passes or so). The price couldn't have been more reasonable (less than $22 bucks) and was half of what other local shops wanted to charge. What was even better was that I was in and out in less than a half hour. Some of the other shops wanted a 4 or 5 day turn around.

If your in the Capital District, or even if you have to drive an hour or so it's worth it to take a trip to Photo Images in Glenville. They are at 19 Glenridge Road.

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