Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Graveyard of Trees

I haven't been shooting much. Various factors have played into this, not the least of which is the fact that I ABHOR the heat. It has really knocked out my motivation.

I am not entirely happy with this shot but it was a shoot that was cut short. I was out exploring some new areas and the weather was iffy. It was sunny one minute and then threatening the next. I came upon this scene on a nice tract of state land that I could see from the road. I was down in this marsh setting up my camera and I could still barely see my car parked on the road. The area is extremely secluded (it's not too far from Lake Desolation if that name tells you anything) and there are no houses for at least a mile.

I had my tripod set up and started adjusting the camera and I noticed a mini van that had driven by once already, drive by again slowly. I went back to my business and a few minutes later the van came back and briefly parked directly behind my car and then took off. I am a paranoid person and get annoyed easily. I grabbed my gear and started to head back to my car and as I got back near my car and looked back at the scene, this beautiful golden light was bathing the whole marshy area from over the tree line.

At this point I was fuming and hustled to get back down there. By the time I did the magic was gone and this is what was left. It would have been a spectacular shot.

I don't know if the person in the van was looking for a hiking trail, thought I was a suspicious person or was casing my car. I don't really want to know but would like to be able to head back to this spot at a later time. Stay tuned.....

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