Monday, October 4, 2010

130th Vermont Autumn

I have been into photography as a serious hobby for almost 2 years and this barn offers one of if not THE nicest photo ops I have come across. I saw a shot of this barn in a magazine and wasn't that impressed with the treatment it received. I could tell it was just a grab shot and the photographer either wasn't that adept at photography or just didn't care to take a great shot.

I researched this barn and found other photos of it and found out roughly where it was. When I finally came upon it I immediately smiled and knew it was a great spot. With the mountains behind it, the beautiful early fall light and the hint of fall color this barn is a fascinating piece of Americana. I cannot wait to shoot it in the winter!

I am curious to know when that roof was put on this barn. My guess is that when the barn was built the date wouldn't have been significant as it was just a barn. I could of course, be wrong.

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