Monday, March 12, 2012

I Need a Little Space

Male and female wood duck in a small farm pond in Charlton, NY. Shot with the rapidly aging (In technology years) D90 & even older 80-400mm VR.

I have wanted to get a halfway decent shot of a wood duck for some time now as I have always enjoyed their appearance more so than most ducks. This is a heavy crop, as even with the crop factor of 600mm it still isn't quite enough for most bird photography (and I am not that stealthy). I was happy to be able to get both the male and female in this photo.

EDIT: After closer inspection and a correction from a reader, I believe that these are hooded mergansers. Looks like I'll be continuing my efforts to get a shot of those wood ducks.


  1. 'Don't mean to disappoint, but I believe those are Hooded Merganser....

    1. I believe you 100% correct and I think that I have made this mistake many times...