Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Galway Lake Bald Eagle

My first attempt at getting a halfway decent shot of a Bald Eagle on Galway Lake. I went up there yesterday and observed at least 4 juvenile Bald Eagles feeding on what was left of the ice (they were on the ice feeding, not eating the ice haha). I went back tonight after work and immediately saw another juvenile on the ice and an adult flying overhead. The ice had diminished enough that I was able to get out in the boat. I hugged the shoreline and saw this beauty in a tree off in the distance. I managed to get quite close to him and he stood still like a sentry for quite some time. I made eye contact with the bird for a few seconds and eventually he took off.

By the time I came off the water, the ice was all but gone on the lake. The bird activity was immense and I noted numerous common mergansers, bufflehead, ring necked ducks, geese, mallards, gulls etc.

It's a thrill to see this population of eagles flourish on this small private lake. I have been seeing more and more eagles up there in the last ten years but nothing like I have seen so far this season.


  1. Bald Eagles are awesome. I've been watching a live feed of a nest in Iowa.