Thursday, October 11, 2012

Abstract Fall

Abstract Fall by UpstateNYPhototaker
Abstract Fall, a photo by UpstateNYPhototaker on Flickr.

I stopped at the Saratoga National Battlefield Park after work. I was pretty disappointed overall with the fall color. Most trees hadn't even seemed to hit moderate color and some (namely the old maple near the Neilsen House) were past peak with a lot of leaf drop. Some of the smaller maples were peak but unfortunately I couldn't incorporate them into a nice landscape shot due to their placement in the park. I had just finished shooting some wide stuff when I stood under this beautiful maple in peak golden color and a bright blue sky. I clicked a couple shots but wasn't satisfied with the boring results. I set a wide aperture which translated into a slow shutter speed and spent about twenty minutes trying to get an artistic blur shot like this that I was satisfied with. Believe it or not this wasn't an easy result to achieve.

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