Saturday, October 20, 2012

Obligatory Fall Color on Galway Lake

Sometimes when taking photos in the fall I am as guilty as anyone of wanting to boost the vibrance and saturation in an image to give it that fall color photo look. In this particular instance I just let the rising sun that was to my back do that for me.

I was not overly enthusiastic about the fall color that I saw this year. On Galway Lake for instance I felt as though this weekend was probably the nicest color I had seen by far but most of the trees had experienced at least 50% leaf drop already. Also, where there was color in one section, it was long gone in other sections a few hundred yards away.

This photo was taken with the d7000 & "Kit Lens" 18-105mm VR. I didn't use any filters. I always shoot in raw and I really only cropped this, slightly adjusted the white balance and darkened the sky just a tad.

1 comment:

  1. Your colors sure don't need any saturation boost. Lovely! But yes, the fall colors have been disappointing this year, with many Red Maple leaves becoming shriveled and brown and dropping instead of turning their typical blazing red.